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We Won’t Let You Feel Trapped in Your Current Vehicle

Want a new car but feel trapped in your current vehicle? We will buy your car even if you don't buy from us. At Cocoa Kia, we make it easy for you to get out of your vehicle and move onto something new.

Are you in a lease that you’re ready to end?  We also help you terminate your lease early and make it affordable for you to get out of your lease and make a new choice.

Let our team at Cocoa Kia help you get out of your current ride and move on to the right vehicle for you.

Your Old Car is Worth Something

If you have a car that you’re tired of driving but you don’t want to thttps://www.cocoakia.com/kbb/instant-cash-offer.htmry and sell it on your own, come see our team today. Our experts can make an offer to you right away so that you can easily drive away in a new vehicle or with a check that you can cash. We will buy our old car from you, even if you don’t buy a new vehicle from our dealership. Stop by and see how easy it is for you to get out of your old ride today.

End Your Lease the Right Way

Terminating a lease early often causes you to pay some high fees and penalties that make you want to keep on driving. You’re stuck in a bad spot because you no longer want to drive the vehicle you’ve leased but you also don’t want to pay the higher fees associated with ending a lease early.  Our team at Cocoa Kia is known as the experts when it comes to terminating leases early.  We’ll help you get out of your lease in an affordable way so that you can start driving another vehicle today.

What Can You Do Once You’re Out of Your Old Ride?

We don’t want you to feel trapped in your current vehicle and work hard to make sure you can get out of the vehicle you’re currently in.  Once our team ends your lease or buys your old ride from you, you’ll be able to pick out another vehicle and start driving today.  The check you have can be your down payment toward another vehicle and you don’t have to use the entire amount when you pick out your next ride.

Let Our Team Help You Get Into a New Vehicle Today

If you feel trapped in your current vehicle and don’t know how to get out of your lease or sell your ride, our team can make it easy for you.  Come in and see our experts at Cocoa Kia and we’ll help you get out of your old ride and into something new.  If you sell us your old vehicle, you don’t have to buy a new one from us, but you may want to look around and see what we have to offer.