It’s Time for You to Drive a Kia

Did you know that you can enjoy more standard equipment, an affordable price, and excellent reliability when you choose to drive a Kia?  If you haven’t thought of driving a Kia, it’s time for you to trade up to a Kia during our current sales event.  Come in and see our team at Cocoa Kia and you’ll get an additional $1,000 Cocoa Kia Customer Cash.  Enjoy this added savings and drive away in one of the many Kia models you’ll find at our dealership today.

Here are some of the models you’ll find today:

Kia Telluride - With the creation of a comfortable three-row SUV, the Kia Telluride was put in a position that we don’t often see.  The Telluride is in the midsize class where some models still only offer two rows of seats, but more interesting than that is the fact that this SUV can offer you luxury qualities for your driving pleasure.  You don’t have to look to luxury brands for your driving comfort, instead, choose this Kia and enjoy everything it has for you.

Kia Stinger - The latest version of the Kia Stinger was recently revealed and it wasn’t an earth-shattering revelation.  This may be because the Stinger was pretty great to start with.  Much of what has changed with the 2022 version of this car brings more items to the mix inside with the same sporty and aggressive looks as we’ve seen in the past.  You’re going to continue to love this car when you get ready to take it on the road.

Kia Sorento - The Kia Sorento has been a favorite in the SUV market for a long time.  This year marks the beginning of the fourth-generation model for this SUV.  The new Sorento is made to give you four powertrains to offer the drive you want and a lot more safety during your drive.  The build of this model is longer, lighter, and stronger to give you the feeling you want on the road.

Kia Niro - If you’re concerned about the environment and you need a vehicle that can handle the drive you need to make with your family every day, the Kia Niro can be the vehicle that’s right for you.  Every version of this vehicle has a hybrid powertrain to make it easy for you to save on gas and it comes to you at a build that feels like a large hatchback or small SUV, depending on which side of that line you’ll fall.  Choose the version of the Kia Niro that’s right for you and start driving this friendly vehicle today.

These are just a few of the models you’ll find at our dealership today.  Stop by and take advantage of the Trade Up to a Kia Sales Event.  During this event, we’ll give you an additional $1,000 Cocoa Kia Customer Cash that can help save you more money on the Kia you drive home today.

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